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There are many different structures that can be considered for any garden, whatever its size, orientation and/or purpose. These can be different levels, paved areas, bespoke seating areas, shelters, walls to divide areas of the garden, raised beds to contain your plants, pots and containers, play areas and play houses for children, water features, fire pits, and one of my all time favourites, vertical living walls amongst many others. I will work with you to put the structure in to your garden that best suits your needs.



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The hard landscaping elements, the 'bare bones' of the garden, are already in place, what is now required is the planting to bring the garden to life. Planting will be chosen to suit the client's desires so the planting palette could be lush and abundant, native, low maintenance, colour specific, English cottage style, Mediterranean, minimalist with designer plants, evergreen with a touch of deciduous planting and so on. Planting maintenance notes will be provided for the client to ensure the plants longevity.

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Lighting adds another dimension to an outdoor space, creating a totally different view of the garden at night. It also enables you to use your garden all year round, whether physically or visually (when it's very cold), and provides an additional sculptural element.