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My primary aim is to transform your garden in to a usable, beautiful space that you can't wait to spend time in.

This might mean a complete transformation of your garden, or just a few changes to your existing garden or it may even mean just a re-think and re-planting of existing planted areas for increased all year round interest.

I can help and guide you through all these scenarios from the creation of design plans, planting palettes and plans through to the completion of the build and planting elements.


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Catherine always came to the house smiling and full of ideas on how to change the garden into a more functional space. We had our first child on the way, so wanted space for future ball kicking but also where the adults could enjoy an alfresco supper. Her design made the garden feel better, and having a water feature around the seating area gave it something special especially when it was lit up at night time. She listened to our ideas and incorporated them into her design. Highly recommend her!
— Mike & Mariske Hindley
I had always wanted a minimalistic, funky design but with the birth of my daughter I thought aesthetics would have to take a back seat. This is where Catherine came to the rescue with her fantastic skills of sourcing innovative products and incorporating them in to her cutting edge designs. We now have a living wall near the patio for me and a fabulous white cube playhouse for my daughter, together with architecturally inspired planting. So everyone is happy! I would thoroughly recommend Catherine as she is very professional, friendly and has a wonderful eye for colour.
— Peri Mehmet
When we first moved into our new house, the garden had been unloved and was hemmed in by high fences. Catherine helped to completely refresh the garden introducing a modern glass bench and by lowering the back fence created something that is rare in London: a garden with a view, and was an effect we nicknamed “The Infinity Garden”. Now when guests come to the house, the garden has a “wow” factor and we have Catherine to thank for that.
— James & Tanya Ratzer


I will work to a very high level to ensure the successful and smooth build of your new garden. I will have on-site meetings with the landscape builders throughout the project build covering the hard landscaping elements, any specialist features, through to the preparation of the planting areas. The plants are sourced from specialist nurseries and are meticulously set out and planted by me.


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